Bridgnorth to Arley Canoe Trip with Steam Train Return

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ūüõ∂ Distance: 10 miles
‚Ćõ Duration: 4+ hours
ūüĎ™ Ages 7+ (see age restrictions)
ūüöā Severn Valley Railway
ūüēô Start time: 9:30

The canoe trip with steam train return! Meet us in Bridgnorth, paddle 10 miles downstream to Arley alongside the path of the historic Severn Valley Railway, then catch one of the trains back to Bridgnorth at the end!


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Difficulty Level 4 of 5We have graded all of the routes and trips we offer across our various locations on a relative difficulty scale of 1 to 5 (from easy to moderately difficult).

This trip is rated 4/5 because of a trickier section to navigate at the beginning of this section.

Prior canoeing experience is recommended but not required. You will be given a safety brief and a route map outlining the features of the route.

If you are a confident swimmer, a generally competent person when it comes to learning new things and good at following instructions then you will manage just fine!

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About this route

This is a 10-mile canoe trip on the River Severn from Bridgnorth to Arley, with the option to take a trip back upstream on the Severn Valley Railway at a special reduced rate of just ¬£10 for an adult train ticket and ¬£6 for a kids’ ticket.

You will have time to go for a walk around Arley at the end of your canoe trip and maybe grab yourself an ice cream before jumping on the train back to Bridgnorth.

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Who is this trip suitable for?

At low water levels our Bridgnorth to Arley canoe hire route has some slightly more technical sections, meaning you must be confident you can steer a canoe and swim in moving water in the unlikely event of a capsize.

Due to the nature of the River Severn on this section, we have set age restrictions, please scroll down to read these if you are wanting to go take children with you.

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How it works

Meet us in Bridgnorth in the morning ‚ÄĒ look for the big yellow minibus and trailer full of yellow canoes!

We will kit you out with paddles, buoyancy aids, and give you a safety brief and an introduction on how to paddle your canoe.

You will then be free to paddle the 10 miles downstream to Arley at your own pace.

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Severn Valley Railway

You can purchase your train ticket at the same time as your canoe trip at a reduced rate (just £10 for an adult ticket).

Train times for Arley-Bridgnorth:

  • Saturdays (plus Sunday 07/08, 21/08, 04/09, 25/09) ‚Äď 1:20pm / 2:15pm / 3:02pm / 3:55pm / 5:27pm
  • Sundays (except Sunday 07/08, 21/08, 04/09, 25/09) ‚Äď 1:10pm / 2:30pm / 3:50pm / 5:10pm
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Bringing the kids?

Under-10s: the minimum age for this trip is 7 years old. To paddle this route with 7-10 year olds, you will need to be in a Rafted Canoe.

Under-13s: kids aged 10-13 will need to be accompanied by two adults and sit in the middle seat of a 3-seat canoe.

Ages 13+ can paddle at the front of a 2-seat canoe with a responsible adult.

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What is a Rafted Canoe?

A Rafted Canoe is where we secure two canoes together side-by-side to create a craft that cannot be capsized. This requires a minimum of two adults at the back of the boat to steer and propel the Rafted Canoe. In front of the two adults you can seat up to two young children (7+) and, in front of them, a further two teenagers or adults.

When booking, please select your choice of 2-seat or 3-seat canoes (at least two!) and then add the Rafted Canoe option.

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Hire a Canoe launch point in Bridgnorth

The start point for this Bridgnorth to Arley canoe trip is Severn Park in Bridgnorth.

If you are meeting us directly in Bridgnorth and getting the Severn Valley Railway steam train back to Bridgnorth at the end of your canoe trip, this is where you need to meet us!

Steam train tickets for the return journey to Bridgnorth in the afternoon can be purchased at the same time as your canoe trip at a special reduced rate.