Montford Bridge to Shrewsbury 12-mile Kayak Trip

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‚Ćõ Duration: 4‑5 hours
ūüĎ™ Ages 13+
ūüöź Free minibus transport
ūüēô Start times: 9:00 to 11:40

Setting out from the historic Montford Bridge near Shrewsbury, paddle the River Severn as it meanders downstream through the beautiful English countryside surrounded by native woodland, hills and a stunning array of wildlife.


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Difficulty level 2 of 5We have graded all of the routes and trips we offer across our various locations on a relative difficulty scale of 1 to 5 (from easy to moderately difficult).

This trip is rated 2/5 partly because you will be required to negotiate a section of tree-lined faster-moving water but mostly due to the stamina required to cover this distance in a single kayak.


Yellow Venture Flex 11 Kayak

About this route

Montford Bridge to Shrewsbury is a great route for paddlers looking for an all-day river trip. This section of the River Severn has a couple of easy-to-navigate faster-flowing sections mixed with an ever changing view of rolling hills, forests and large country estates to keep the route exciting. You will be paddling with the current downstream into the heart of Shrewsbury.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along this route‚ÄĒfrom fish jumping out of the water, to buzzards, herons, swans (maybe the black swan might make an appearance again this season!) and even kingfishers. The lucky few may even be graced with the presence of an otter or two!

Kayaker relaxing in the sunshine on the River Severn in Shropshire kayaking Shrewsbury kayak hire

What to expect

We meet you in Frankwell, Shrewsbury, in our big yellow minibus then drive you to our canoe hire centre in Montford Bridge where we will issue kit, explain the route, give you a safety brief and get you on the river

Expect to get a little bit wet! We provide buoyancy aids for you to wear over your clothes, but apart from that, please wear clothing you are happy to get splashed with water.

We recommend bringing a change of clothes for afterwards.

It’s not that we expect that you’re going to fall in, it’s just that when kayaking, the action of lifting the blade of the paddle out of the water and above your shoulder causes water to drip down into your lap and around your wrists.

Also, try not to wear shoes that are too bulky‚ÄĒespecially if you have big feet‚ÄĒas it will be uncomfortable to fit them inside the kayak. Like wise for your bag. There is no of space to pack away a big bulky bag.


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