Montford Bridge to Shrewsbury River Severn Canoe Trip

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Duration: 4 - 5 hours
Ages 5+ (see age restrictions)
Free minibus transport

Setting out from the historic Montford Bridge near Shrewsbury, meander downstream through the beautiful English countryside surrounded by native woodland, hills and a stunning array of wildlife.


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About this route

The Montford Bridge to Frankwell section of the River Severn is suitable for beginners, with a couple of gentle yet easy-to-navigate faster-flowing sections mixed with an ever changing view of rolling hills, forests and large country estates to keep the route exciting. You will be paddling with the current downstream into the heart of Shrewsbury.

This route is suitable for beginners, couples, families and groups. You are more then welcome to bring your dog along too!

Bring along a picnic lunch for this 5-hour adventure and enjoy your lunch floating through the countryside or pulled up along one of the stopping points en route.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along this route—from fish jumping out of the water, to buzzards, herons, swans (maybe the black swan might make an appearance again this season!) and even kingfishers. The lucky few may even be graced with the presence of an otter or two!

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What to expect

We meet you in Frankwell, Shrewsbury, in our big yellow minibus then drive you to our canoe hire centre in Montford Bridge where we will issue kit, explain the route, give you an introduction to your chosen craft and a safety brief and get you on the river!

We will give you a buoyancy aid, paddle and a waterproof barrel per boat and all kit is included in the price of hire.

Please note: The toilet facilities and changing rooms at Montford Bridge are currently closed. A portaloo is available for our customers to use. You will need to download the app “what3words” to your phone.

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Bringing the kids?

Under-7s: the minimum age for this trip is 5 years old. To paddle this route with 5-7 year olds, you will need to be in a Rafted Canoe. This is where we secure two canoes together side-by-side to create a craft that cannot be capsized. This requires a minimum of two adults at the back of the boat to steer and propel the Rafted Canoe. In front of the two adults you can seat up to two young children (5+) and in front of them, a further two older children or adults. When booking, please select your choice of 2-seat or 3-seat canoes (at least two!) and then add the Rafted Canoe option.

Under-10s: kids aged 7-10 will need to be accompanied by two adults and sit in the middle seat of a 3-seat canoe.

Ages 10+ can paddle at the front of a 2-seat canoe with a responsible adult.

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Our customers say it better than we can—and they take better pictures too!

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