Kayak Hire in Shrewsbury,
River Severn, Shropshire

We don't just hire canoes, we have a fleet of kayaks too!

Hire a kayak to go off and explore the river around Shrewsbury or enjoy a longer downstream paddle from Montford Bridge.

You can even do a multi-day kayaking trip!

During summer we also organise 'Kayak Paddle Ball' at The Quarry. Keep an eye on our 'Specials' page for dates and times!

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Yellow Venture Flex 11 Kayak
Yellow single kayaks on the River Severn in Montford Bridge near Shrewsbury in Shropshire

What type of kayak?

We have a fleet of yellow Venture Flex 11 kayaks, which are stable and have a large cockpit for easy access.

You can carry a bottle of water and a few essentials in the main cockpit for easy access and stow away anything else in the storage hatch at the back.

Who are they suitable for?

Our kayaks are suitable for ages 13+ but there must always be an adult on the water to supervise and kayaks must be hired along with another craft to ensure there are at least two people on the water together, for safety reasons.

Yellow Venture Flex single kayaks Shropshire kayaking Shrewsbury kayak hire
Kayaker relaxing in the sunshine on the River Severn in Shropshire kayaking Shrewsbury kayak hire

What do I need to bring?

Not much! Just some water, snacks and maybe suncream!

We will provide you with a buoyancy aid and we have dry bags and/or small barrels available if required.

Our kayaks have a hatch at the back if you are intending to stop off for a picnic or for more adventurous types taking the kayak on a camping trip!

"...the best part about the kayak trip is the peace and solitude one gets as you paddle through the countryside without a care in the world...you can't beat it!"

- Chris R., Tripadvisor

Top day on the river, in the sun, with mates! - Do the longer session for sure!

We were worried that we would be with a group of people and a leader (from the company) but we were on our own, in the middle of nowhere, on a very calm river, on a very sunny and warm day! it was bliss! the first hour we spent just sitting in the Kayak letting the river drift us down soaking up the sun and taking in the views.

Until you start to reach Shrewsbury you don't see many signs of the modern world! no cars, no houses, not much in the way of anything man made to be fair. The odd grumpy fisherman maybe but apart from that its you, your mates and the countryside! we stopped off 3/4 of the way down for food and a swim before setting back off down the river again.

In terms of the Kayaks themselves. For the first 2 mins they take a bit of getting used to, but after that you would be doing well to turn one over and fall out! Its easy to maintain a balance etc!

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! 100% worth the little money they ask!

Top day!

Liana B
Great day on the Severn River

Our family had a great day on the Severn River! We chose the 5 hour river trip from Montford Bridge to Frankwell. One of our family members was a bit hesitant about having their own kayak, so it was decided that two of the family were in single kayaks and the other two in a double kayak. We ended up switching around after our lunch. You definitely did get more wet in the double kayak than the single. Next time we will all chose the single kayaks. We took the company's advice and purchased lunch from Capers prior to boarding the bus and it was delicious! We stopped part-way down the river ( about 7 miles) where you could pull up on the side of the river and enjoyed our picnic lunch.
The staff were great! I loved that they provided barrels to keep our personal items and lunch dry.
It was very serene floating down the river. As we passed one spot on the river the cows were all coming down for a drink. At various spots on our journey we encountered beautiful swans. A really lovely day was had by all!

Great way to spend an afternoon

The route from Montford Bridge back to Shrewsbury took about 4 hours. The river along this stretch is beautiful.
After leaving Montford Bridge we didn’t see another person for about 3 hours. Total peace and quiet. Lovely way to spend an afternoon, though it is fairly strenuous paddling for that length of time. The kayaks were fairly new and stable in the water, you are unlikely to capsize if you don’t move around in the cockpit too much.
A well organised trip and worth the money. Would recommend.

Fabulous day

Booked three kayaks online. Completed the online waivers before the visit.

Picked up on time from Frankwell car park - parking is free on Sunday and Bank Holiday so bonus.

Really chatty and friendly team members, quick briefing and we were away.

I live in Shropshire but didn’t appreciate how scenic this route is from the river - we had a brilliant time.

There are many more places to dock and get off the further you go down.

The level of effort required is moderate nothing too much I reckon it’s probably a bit more work in the kayak as you’re going it alone.

We were greeted at Frankwell and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of doing.

You will definitely need a change of clothes and something to eat, we had breakfast just before starting and needed our sandwiches soon in.

We will be back to try the other activities on offer, many thanks.

Sammi C
Great day!

Hired 4 kayaks from Montford Bridge and not laughed that much in a very long time! Great fun, would definitely do it again!!

Alan Burrows
Awesome experience on the water

From the very start to very end, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Staff were friendly and helpful, explaining exactly what to expect. We hired two kayaks and traveled from Montford bridge to Frankwell. It was a wonder to see the river from an entirely different perspective and the wildlife was amazing, from jumping fish to Herons. At our destination point we were picked up promptly. I can't recommend the trip or the company more highly!

Kayaks River Severn Shropshire Hire a Canoe

Kayaking on the River Severn in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Experience Shropshire from the water by kayak!

Hire a kayak from us for up to 2 hours in Shrewsbury town centre or paddle 12 miles from Montford Bridge to Shrewsbury.